Before and After Project


Starting weight: ad.

Finale weight: add.

Lost: ad.



Starting weight: ad.

Finale weight: ad.

Lost: add.



Starting weight: 130 lbs.

Finale weight: 98 lbs.

Lost: 32 lbs.

It was really a coincidence, for I have joined the gym in thefirst place. But I never expected myself to have achieved this great result.Once weighed 130 kg and only had my goal to gain fitness and reduce weight.Even my parents did not have the hope for me to reduce weight. But here I am writing this afterreducing an amazing 32 Kgs in 9 months. I should really be thankful to mytrainer Balaji and also to other trainers who have trained me and motivated meto achieve this. “Thank you Fittree Fitness”

Badri - Businessman

Starting weight: 0 lbs.

Finale weight: 0 lbs.

Lost: 0 lbs.

I am very happy to be a member in Fit Tree gym. I never thought. I would reduce 15kgs in last 4 months. Even if I skip my workout in the morning, I will go to gym and do workouts atleast for half an hour in the evening. Thanks to the flexible timings I had in the gym. My Trainer Ramesh trained me a motivated me sincere thanks to other trainers namely Mani,Nizam Who also guided me properly in absence of Ramesh. I do my workouts regularly now a days. I must also thank my wife Mrs.Lalitha who gave me proper diet food for the last 4 months. If strictly followed the diet and avoided all junk food. Now I am very much happy with my food habits proper diet along with regular workout keep me achieve all through the day and it is a very nice experience to cherish and enjoy. Thanks to the entire team of Fit Tree.